Cebolla Encurtida/ Quick Pickled Onions

So these pickled red onions are great for on top of just about anything they have a nice sour note from the vinegar that helps to add flavor to your food. I love to eat mine on vegetables or mangu which is a boiled mashed and seasoned plantain/s but hot dogs came to mind as well although I’ve yet to try it. They are so super easy to do.
2-3 red onions
2 teaspoons salt
1 cup cider vinegar
Splash oil. I use vegetable oil for cooking onions
This recipe is literally so easy it hurts.
Slice all onions I love to use a mandolin like the one below it just makes cutting so much more faster and with less tears.
Once sliced place in a bowl with all other ingredients ie: vinegar and salt.

Give it a good stir trying to wet all onions. Let sit for an hour. After an hour they will look like this alot softer.
You will now take out a fry pan add a splash of oil and fry them for 10 mins or so on high. You want them to take on a pink hue in the white part of the onion. That’s it there done. Enjoy. Have leftovers? Stick them in the fridge for an all week topping accompaniment. This is the finished look photo below.


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