Habichuelas con patas ( Beans with pigs feet)

So I make these alot for special occasions, this was for my husband's birthday in June. They are so easy to make and full of flavor. This is the complete meal I made for him. Spoiled isn't he?
So now want the recipe lol since your mouth is watering? Here you go:

1 lb pink beans soaked overnight
1 large onion
4 whole garlic cloves peeled
1 pigs foot ( when shopping look for tge one with the whitest skin it sounds funny but white = fresher. Have your butcher cube it up. Quick shout out to my always awesome butcher shop International Meat Market here in Rhode Island. If no butcher leave whole but discard or shred up meat separate)
2 tsp salt
3 packets goya sazon
1 Tbsp tio santi all purpose seasoning
4 tbsp chicken consume or more to taste
5 spoonfuls of sofrito can use fresh or goya in the bottle.
1 bunch cilantro shredded


* Wash and rinse your beans even if you soaked them overnight. Pick out any shells floating on top etc. Place in 4 quart pan 3/4 full of water.
* Cut onions in quarters and peel garlic leaving whole and place with beans in pot.
* Wash your pigs foot well and place in pot with beans and add your salt.
* Place heat on high to cook. You don't have to keep much of an eye on it except to check water levels and add more if needed. You also need to skim the black froth from the top as it starts cooking. We won't be adding anything else until feet and beans are soft usually 2 hrs. Remove a couple beans to check for softness.
* So beans are soft so what about the foot? Remove it and squish it it should be squishy think like ham meat not hard not over soft. If done place back into pot and we can add the other stuff.
* Add sazon, sofrito, perfect seasoning, consume and cilantro. Taste, taste, taste. Lower heat to low covering it now for remaining hour stirring often. Shut off.

Enjoy my friend.


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