Stove top Dill Adult Mac' N Cheese

Rich and creamy with subtle bites of dill and did I mention super easy!
1 package penne pasta
1 can cream of cheddar cheese
1 8 oz package mexican style shredded cheese
3 tablespoons dill or more if you like alot of tangy
1-2 tablespoon garlic and herb seasoning
1 can half and half ( use chedder cheese can after emptied onto cooked pasta)
Salt and pepper to taste.
Boil water add a teaspoon of salt and a little oil of your choice bring to boil and add pasta cook until al dente (firm) I usually let mine cook 15 minutes I don’t like chewy. Drain water and put pasta into same pot. Add canned chedder cheese and half and half stir. It should be slightly liquidy but is fine you’ll be adding in bagged cheese now that will thicken it up. Turn stove back on to low just to keep things hot, stir until all cheese is melted. Add all spices now stir. Turn off stove and enjoy. 1 pot meal in under 30 minutes.


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