Tostones are fried plantain. When shopping for them you want to choose the greenest possible plantain as the yellow ones are sweet and are for dessert or an breakfast accompaniment.

*3-4 green plantain depending on size (large is good)
*2 cups water
*2 Tbsp salt
*1 Tbsp garlic powder
Oil for frying


*You need to cut ends off the plantain and peel them. Rinse them after just to remove any debris and cut into chunks about 1 inch thick.
* In small mixing bowl add water, salt and garlic powder mix and set aside.
* Now heat oil on high. When oil is hot add all chunks to oil frying until golden brown and remove them. Do not turn off oil just lower heat you will need it again.
* Now piece by piece you need to flatten them (either using a tostonera or bottom of coffee cup on a cutting board) press until flat but not smushed. This is a fast process and needs to be done piece by piece because as you finish 1 you dip it into the water and set it aside.
*When all pieces are flat and dipped in water mixture you will be frying them again a few minutes until dark brown but not burnt. Reference my picture above for doneness.

That's it enjoy. They are so yummy and easy to do.


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