Homemade tortilla chips

These are definitely restaurant quality tortilla chips and so easy to make but so much fresher then bagged chips.


1 package small sized corn tortillas cut into triangles
Salt to taste
Oil for frying


*Stack entire package of tortillas and cut, think like cutting a pizza to make triangles or in this case chips.
* Heat oil on high make sure it is hot or chips will be soggy.
* When oil is ready grab a stack. You have to separate them (1×1) or they do stick. But you can put alot in there once they have started frying. The chips really do not take long so I recommend not leaving them unattended. You will be looking for a nice golden brown color.
* Place in a large paper towel lined mixing bowl and sprinkle with salt to taste.

Play with toppings, try chili powder, parmesan cheese, salsa, melted cheese, etc.

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