Arroz con chocolate/ Guatemalan chocolate rice drink

1 C uncooked rice
2.5 C water
4.5 C water
2 cinnamon sticks whole
2 C milk
1 pinch of salt
1 C of sugar
2 entire tablets of nestle abuelita hot chocolate drink tablets

1. Pre-cook the 1 cup of rice using the 2.5cups of water. Wait until the rice is cooled down or use day old rice. I used basmati rice but any kind will do. You will be using all the rice.
2. In a separate 6 qt stock pot combine all other ingredients bringing to a boil until all the chocolate is dissolved but making sure to stir frequently to avoid burning. When chocolate is melted add in rice last. Stirring well. Serve hot and pair with cookies or cake or any type of sweet bread.


  1. I am going to be trying this -- it sounds delicious!


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