Atol de elote/ Guatemalan corn drink

4 yellow sweet corn on the cob not cooked!
3 C water
2.5 T sugar
1 t salt
4 T maizena (cornstarch)
3 T water to mix with maizena
4 whole cinnamon sticks

1. Cut all the corn off the cobs and place the corn in the blender with the 3 cups of water and blend well.
2. With a fine meshed strainer with a bowl underneath or with a cheese cloth with a bowl underneath to catch the liquid dump your mixture from the blender a little at a time into either the strainer or cheesecloth. You want to keep and extract as much of the liquid as you can but you will not be using the leftover corn bits those are thrown away.
3. With your corn mixture strained you will take all that liquid and put in a 4 qt stock pot.
4. In a small sauce pan add and boil your milk. When boiled add it to the other liquid in the stock pot but do not turn it on yet.
5. In a small mixing bowl mix your maizena and 3 Tablespoons of water to make a mix not to pasty. Add after mixed to other liquids in stockpot.
6. Add all other ingredients ie; salt, sugar and cinnamon sticks to liquid in stock pot and turn on high. This is very important you have to constantly stir it as it will burn very easily. Usually on high for 15 minutes or until it becomes super frothy and starts to rise to top even with constant stirring. Turn off if this is the case and serve warm-hot. Hope you enjoy.

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