One Pan Breakfast Sandwich

 Ever wanted a quick easy breakfast without dirtying tons of dishes or having to spend tons of time in the kitchen and being able to please everyone by making something that everyone can make their own way. Have I got the solution for you, the one pan breakfast sandwich is the answer to your prayers. I'll show you through a series of photos the steps needed. The ingredients are simple; bread, eggs, mozzarella cheese, butter, and whatever you want inside (veggies,bacon, sausage the possibility is endless). So without further ado here we go:

Heat your pan to medium add some butter then your beaten eggs about 4 per sandwich with some salt and pepper
Add two slices of non cooked bread on top of the egg mixture before it's finished cooking because you need some of the runny egg to keep the bread attached. Flip it over after a couple minutes. Your bread is now on the bottom
Fold in the edges 

Now add the cheese and whatever ingredients you want and fold the one bread on top of the other one. 
That's it uff that was easy. Breakfast sandwich in less than 2 minutes a side. Yummy.


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